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Shearer Candles make me happy

I always have the Shearer Amber Noir range of candles, they just seem to be the right sort of musky amber smell and they are in black and gold packaging so they look classy!

Anyway today was my friends birthday - so I bought her some Shearer Amber Gold candles. They come in yellow and white packaging, so I figured they would suit the new colour scheme in her new lounge.

She loved them. I knew she would.

Candles are so important. We use them for all different reasons. But usually when someone dies a candle is always lit in church apparently. I like to have a candle lit on Fiona's birthday, or her anniversary. Sometimes when we lose someone special in our community then I light one, then when you see that everyone else is doing that on facebook it just makes you feel a part of something.

I'm particularly in love with the tealight cremation candle that we have on sale at the moment. There is a space to put your loved ones ashes in. It's not in your face that it contains ashes, it's just very elegant.

Just please, remember to make sure they are in a safe place when you light them and never leave them unattended.

Our See You Memorial Jewellery can be bought via my web page

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